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Campus Master Planning Services

Without a well thought out Master Plan, we have seen manufacturers just build conveniently in the first phase. When additional construction is required in future, it is again done in an ad-hoc manner. This leads to a lot of inefficiencies and duplication of infrastructure and utilities 000 00 mention incoherent looking facility. Movement of input material and finished product within the premises also suffers.

Through campus master planning services, we apply rigorous analysis, creative thinking and years of experience Co look into the crystal ball to prepare a solid framework for the future – a framework that balances today’s realities with the trends of future. Undertaking a long term scenario planning exercise with VMS team allows you to plan your land use more efficiently as well as in an orderly manner:

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Campus Master Planning Services

  • • Understanding the present and future business scenarios.
  • • Study of the existing conditions, topography, drainage and other physical feature of the land.
  • • Applying the framework of prevailing and local town planning codes.
  • • 3D views with high resolution.
  • • Study the existing infrastructure outside plot and design the layout for smooth connections to external utilities and services like road, storm water drains etc.
  • • Schematic design of landscaping and green/open areas.
  • • Campus Master Planning adhering to statutory and basic Vaastu requirements.